“Our home is known as the ‘House of Smiles’ by our residents and friends.”

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Harbour House is a residential care home for the elderly located in beautiful grounds with seaside and harbour views. We are registered to provide residential care without nursing for up to 35 residents. We also have a short breaks room available for individuals or couples. Harbour House was inspected by CQC in May 2016 and we are proud to have achieved a good rating in all areas for the services we provide.

We have recently been chosen as one of the top 5 finalists in the National Care Homes Awards for ‘Respect and Dignity.’ Our home has been referred to as ‘the house of smiles’, ‘a little piece of paradise’ and ‘a retirement home with a real difference.’ We are delighted that residents, their families and guests applaud and compliment the care and quality when they visit us.

Harbour House was considered, created and commissioned by Eileen Morland in 1964. Eileen was an eminent Quaker from the Bridport Meeting House with a vision of semi-independent living for the elderly. Her innovative and forward thinking enabled her to purpose build individual rooms for residents with en suite bathrooms and kitchenettes. These rooms still continue to enable our residents to remain as independent as possible in a caring and supportive environment.

Eileen ensured that a committee consisting of both Quakers and volunteers from the locality were encouraged to manage and support the day to day running and finances of Harbour House.  The Quaker faith and ethos is evident in everyday life at Harbour House. This includes management decisions and ensures that residents and staff operate in a respectful, fair and supportive manner at all times.

Our Philosophy

Quaker philosophy Harbour House was built by a local Quaker over 50 years ago and we ensure that we work to the Quaker ethos of ‘thinking with an open mind rather than following strict rules and regulations.’
This ethos is shared by all the staff and residents and encourages a dignified, respectful, honest and open living /working environment.

We are committed to preserving and encouraging every resident’s privacy, individuality and choice by making Harbour House a ‘home from home.’

We strive to achieve this by;

  • empowering residents to have their privacy and time alone respected by all.
  • understanding that each resident is an ‘individual.’
  • encouraging residents to take and make their own decisions whilst supporting the risks and outcomes.
  • assisting residents with their daily routines and choices including menu and activity options.
  • ensuring residents basic rights are honoured and maintained.
  • avoiding a clinical approach and championing ‘fun.’
  • promoting a resident driven rather than task driven approach to our daily routine.

Harbour House is open to friends and families 24 hours a day and everyone is encouraged to see it as their home. Every day families and visitors join us for our three course lunch and at the weekend we often create extra seating to accommodate everyone.

Residents hold their own meetings on a quarterly basis where they discuss issues within the home that may need addressing or debating. Resident’s views, opinions and requirements are listened to and acted upon every day.

Residents are encouraged to be as independent as possible. We never make it easy for ourselves, only the residents of Harbour House!

Nourish logoNourish care planning system

At Harbour House we utilise the Nourish system. It is a smart care planning system that records, reports and helps co-ordinate care in residential settings and works across desktop and tablet computers and mobile phones. The system enables us to record and securely distribute accurate care and health notes immediately and instantly send alerts and monitor responses from team members. Read more on their website

When we met the team at Harbour House back in 2015 it became obvious this was a home we wanted to have as a strategic partner, not just a client. The team’s aim for what a product managing care records could deliver was very aligned with our vision, and the leadership team at Harbour House has embraced the full potential of the product wholeheartedly. With the extensive time savings that resulted from adopting Nourish, Harbour House’s leadership has shaped the culture of the team around their residents, and continuous improvement of their care services.

As a strategic partner, Harbour House has helped shape our thinking on how Nourish supports care teams, how care teams handle CQC audits, and how the product can be used to better engage with families or GP surgeries and their community teams.

Nuno Almeida, CEO of Nourish Care Systems

Questions to Ask When Visiting a Care Home

We thought it might be helpful to guide you with some questions you may wish to ask us and any other care home you may be visiting over the coming weeks. Moving from your own home into a residential care home is a very big decision and it must be right for you. In order for you to feel comfortable and satisfied with your move, some of these questions and tips may be helpful. Harbour House is not a nursing home and whilst we do our very best to care for you, there are times when you or your family need to consider a move into nursing care.

You can download the PDF guide by clicking here

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