Accommodation Vacancies

Dec. 29 2017. We have a two bedroom ground floor flat available for either a couple or an individual with good mobility and two rooms inside Harbour House.
For more information please phone 01308 423277 or use our contact form to send an email.

Harbour House consists of 28 individual rooms, 1 short breaks room and 2 flats that can accommodate up to 35 residents. Every room at Harbour House has an en suite bathroom/wet room and kitchenette.

The rooms are built across 3 floors and are easily accessed by either a passenger lift or 2 stair lifts.

Every individual and communal room is serviced by a Courtney Thorne call system and residents are offered the option of a neck or wrist pendant for added security and ‘peace of mind.’

There is a specialist bathing system in place at Harbour House to enable every resident access to a bath tailored to their personal needs and requirements.

Wi-Fi is accessible and available to all residents and their visitors.


Each bedroom is furnished by the individual resident to ensure that they can bring their home into Harbour House.

Most of our rooms have balconies overlooking West Bay Harbour. The balconies are large enough to take tables and chairs and many residents also have a selection of planters and hanging baskets.

All rooms have telephone and television installation points that can be set up prior to arrival.

Each room has a selection of power points, including the kitchenette where residents can operate a kettle.

There is plenty of wardrobe and drawer space in each room. A locked cupboard is also provided for residents who wish to administer and manage their own medication.

Quiet roomShared Areas

Our colonnade is a bright and airy seating section that provides a meeting point, a conversation and ‘catching up’ area and a place to watch the ‘world go by.’

The lounge/diner is an open plan space that encourages and inspires friendship and laughter.

Residents and staff are able to access a ‘Quiet Room’ (right) where they can spend time thinking, praying or even considering. This room is used by everyone for a variety of purposes including Holy Communion for those who do not follow the Quaker tradition and is considered to be very special to everyone in Harbour House. Families often use this space if they are a large group and can have ‘special’ time together.

We believe resident’s health, emotional and spiritual well-being benefit by living and sharing areas the of our home together.

Catering Services

All residents are given the opportunity to be involved in the creation of menus, in particular our vegetarian residents and those with specific dietary requirements. Our Head of Catering regularly visits Harbour House residents to ask about recipe ideas and favourite meals. We make sure that everyone is made aware of the day’s menu and the following day’s menu. This means that you can plan your meal for the next day without feeling under pressure if you want to choose something different. We always have a selection of menu options available and will support your requirements and choices. The kitchen prides itself in their use of their Aga and the cakes that are produced certainly support this.

Read A note from our Head of Catering | See a typical menu

Meal Times

At 0830 hours, a cooked breakfast is served in the dining room. Fresh fruit, toast and cereal is always available too. You are welcome to have breakfast on a tray in your room of fruit, toast, porridge or cereal.

A three course lunch is served at 1230 hours which consists of starter, a main meat or vegetarian option followed by dessert. On Sunday, we provide wine with lunch. We actively encourage all residents to eat lunch in the dining room as this is an extremely social time for everyone at Harbour House. The kitchen team place a menu on the notice board each day to enable you to request an alternative option if you wish to, they also provide the day’s menu on the dining tables.

A two course light supper is served at 1800 hours consisting of a main course and sweet trolley.

Tea and Coffee Breaks

Morning coffee/tea is served at 10:30 hours.
Afternoon coffee/tea and cake is served at 15:30 hours.
An evening coffee or tea is served from 20:30 hours by the night staff.

Domestic Services

Our domestic team is familiar with each individual resident’s specific room requirements and personal needs. They will work on a room plan with you when you arrive to make sure that they understand how you would like your room to be cleaned and the time you would like the cleaning to take place. This is to ensure that you feel comfortable and in control of your personal items and environment. You will have a key to lock your room.

The domestic team is passionate about recycling and will do this on your behalf.

All cleaning products used at Harbour House are environmentally friendly and our COSHH data is available should you require it. If you have any allergies or concerns about cleaning products, we will work with you to source an alternative product.


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