Our Vision

We put our residents first in everything we do. Every day we ask ourselves:

  • Did I do my very best for each and every resident?
  • Who am I making this easy for?
  • Does this feel like our residents’ home, not a care home?
  • Are our families, care professionals and friends satisfied with the care and service we provide?
  • Are we always looking to improve?
  • Are we listening?

We hope to be the care provider and employer of choice for everyone living in our home, working in our home or providing a service to our home.

Our Mission

  • To ensure that we provide a ‘life’ – not a service.
  • To provide the best possible care and support 24 hours a day to all our residents.
  • To ensure all our staff are trained to be the best they possibly can with the correct knowledge, understanding and opportunities.
  • To make our environment warm and homely.
  • To commit to continuous improvement.
  • To have positive and meaningful partnerships with everyone we support including anyone who plays an important part in their lives.

Our Values

  • To be kind to each other.
  • To put our residents and staff first.
  • To listen and respond to the people we support.
  • To support all our residents and staff to achieve their aspirations.
  • To be honest, transparent, fair and ethical in everything we do.
  • To learn, accept and apologise when things go wrong.
  • To ensure we acknowledge our staff in everything they do for our residents and celebrate every success, no matter how small.
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